Why Do Massage Therapists Make Ideal Personal Trainers

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Becoming a massage therapist is an exciting career for someone interested in helping others by gaining knowledge of the human body. Massage therapists have the ability to assess a client's state of fitness and then implement a safe fitness program to get them back a quality of life. This career offers outstanding opportunities for someone who has passion, empathy, and understanding for others.

Why do Therapists Make Ideal Personal Trainers?

A person working in the retail industry, especially those who have created interpersonal and customer service skills can excel as a personal trainer. Through this line of work, you've learned about many different personalities and needs of individuals. You have also learned how to deal with those individuals and what it takes to understand everyone's needs. If you are ready to expand on your unique qualities, consider becoming a massage therapist.

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What is Massage Therapy?

Becoming a massage therapist offers flexibility. There is no standard in this practice as it will open opportunities for you to work in a variety of settings:

  • Resorts or spas
  • With sports teams or at sporting events
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Massage office
  • Clinics or physicians’ offices
  • Hospice or nursing homes
  • Cruise ships
  • In a private practice setup in your home

As a massage therapist, you will learn how to manipulate muscles and soft tissue. You will understand how a client's pain is affecting them and how to relieve it and help heal their injuries. Therapists are taught how to understand circulation and what it will need to improve, how to relieve one's stress and increase their relaxation.

What is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a professional with the knowledge, abilities, and skills to provide effective fitness and exercise programs. They are able to assist, instruct, and design a fitness program for their clients with the purpose of having them reach their personal fitness and health goal.

How does Being a Therapist Make You an Ideal Trainer?

When you have obtained the knowledge to become a massage therapist, you will have learned perfectly how to apply this knowledge as a personal trainer. You can assess your client's fitness levels and apply the correct therapy procedures to return them to a healthy lifestyle. As a therapist and trainer, you will be able to implement a safe fitness, weight management, nutritional plan and overall general wellness program for your clients.

A massage therapist training program will teach you a lot about anatomy and physiology. Having this knowledge before becoming a personal trainer is a great benefit. You will have learned how to access the overstretched or chronically shortened muscles just by performing a postural analysis. As a personal trainer, you will then be able to instruct and assist your client in stretching and strengthening those muscles.

Benefits of Becoming Both a Therapist and a Personal Trainer

When you have gained the certification as both a massage therapist and a personal trainer, you will have opened twice as many opportunities for yourself. You will have the advantage of choosing the environment you want to work in, and the type of work you want to do. It will allow you to be more marketable in the health industry and give you the freedom of choosing where and with who you want to work for.

Becoming a licensed massage therapist can be completed within seven months. There are financial programs available to help those who are interested in this career and it does not require college experience. If you are ready for a change offering more flexibility and freedom in your life, this could be the career for you. For more information contact the Institute for Therapeutic Massage today.

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