What are your Early Job Prospects as a Massage Therapy Student?

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portrait-of-beauty-therapist-1.jpgThe growing popularity of prevention based health care means that opportunities for massage therapists will grow by up to 22 percent. Employment opportunities for entry-level massage therapists exist in several settings, for example, fitness centers, franchised clinics, spas, physicians’ offices and hotels.

Part-Time Work

As a massage therapy student, you have access to more job opportunities, which gives you an edge over other students. In addition to many full time jobs available for massage therapists, there are also many part-time job opportunities available. Please take a look at zeel.com/massage-therapist as one of your many options.

Once you obtain your practicing licence, you have access to opportunities that allow you to work as you study. Many employers are always looking for new talent and will willingly work on a flexible schedule that allows you to continue with your studies.  

Entry Level Opportunities

As a student, focus on gaining as much experience as possible and building client relationships. Volunteer to work under the tutelage of experienced massage therapists; they will teach you massage techniques, business tricks and help you improve your customer relationship skills. At the beginning of your career, focus on opportunities that expose you to a variety of clientele.

As a student or a young graduate, many of the opportunities will offer an hourly rate that may vary widely from the national median rate of $18.29 per hour, plus gratuities. As you grow your experience and client base, you can negotiate for a better pay.

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Alternative Jobs

As you study, you may not access jobs that allow you to practice as a massage therapist. However, facilities that employ massage therapists also offer other job opportunities that you can take while studying. For example, you can work as a receptionist or an assistant. You get to watch experts work and ask questions related to your area of study.

The opportunity also exposes you to mentors who give you support, career guidance, and connect you to their network of professionals, helping you access different opportunities. Working in such a facility also helps you create a relationship with your employer. After you get the state licence, you can ask for an entry-level job in the same facility; employers are more likely to hire someone they know and like.


Even though you may experience a rocky start, once you start growing your professional reputation, you will enjoy stability throughout your career, and even access similar opportunities out of state.

The reliance on massage therapists in physical rehabilitation programs means more employment opportunities for you. There is also a growing trend among stressed professionals who turn to massage therapists for continuous wellness and relaxation programs, which creates additional opportunities for you to practice privately.

General Practice

Successful massage therapists work in specialty areas such as sports massage, acupressure, deep tissue massage, orthopedic and reflexology. However, early on in your career, your work will involve a lot of general practice. Depending on the specialty you chose in your training, you should look for a practice that offers services in that area to help you gain more experience and learn under specialists. This also helps you access better jobs within your specialty, which allows you to grow as an expert and cement your reputation within professional circles.

Regardless of the work, your experiences as a student will help you later in your career. The experience letters, references and recommendations you get prove their value when you start looking for work after your studies. If you are willing to put in the work, and dedicate your time and effort required, the experiences will benefit you in the long-term. For more information contact the Institute for Therapeutic Massage today.Start your journey today!

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