How to Make $100,000 Per Year as a Successful Massage Therapist

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A good massage therapist finds it relatively easier to accumulate and retain a long list of loyal customers. Success in the field requires a professional approach and careful planning. The ability to diversify services plays a key role, particularly in a location with stiff competition. To succeed, you need to introduce innovative bodywork modalities that help your business stand out.

Some of the key factors that contribute to success include:

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills – allows you to create rapport and long-term working relationships
  • Proper bookkeeping
  • Good business management skills
  • Creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • Employing proper massaging techniques
  • Strong client focus
  • Ability to market services

Determine a Pricing Structure

How you price your broad range of massage therapist services is vital to success. A good pricing structure can make a difference when it comes to acquiring new clientele and retaining them. The decision to adjust prices higher or lower requires careful consideration. Some of the factors that determine prices include location, costs of running the practice, and type of services.

Offer a Loyalty Rewards Program

A loyalty rewards program is a sure-fire way to encourage re-booking and client retention. The potential to earn bonus points and freebies for loyalty attract many people to your business. In addition, consider coupling a loyalty rewards program with bundled package deals. This allows you to stay competitive even in difficult economic times.

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Market the Business

It is vital to spread the word about your range of services. You can achieve this objective by advertising through various types of media, including newspapers, social media, email or SMS marketing and more. The internet provides many advertising options from which to choose. You can market your massage therapist services via search engines, social media, banner ads, and directories.

SMS and email marketing provide a viable way to keep clients well-informed about current promotions. You can generate new leads by inviting website visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. SMS messages help you fill vacant or slow slots. Clients that book for specific slots can take advantage of discounts.

Refine Massage and Bodywork Techniques

Massage techniques and modalities change regularly. For this reason, make an effort to keep updating your skills. This allows you to improve customer experiences and distinguish your practice. To keep learning, join classes conducted by experienced professionals in the area of massage therapy. Updating your skills gives clients an opportunity to try new treatment options.

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Connecting with clients on social networking sites is a good way to keep them well-informed about services. You can showcase massage videos on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The sites make it easy to invite feedback from new and existing clients. Offering discounts for liking or following your social media pages is also a viable option.

The platforms are ideal for posting insightful information about health and wellness. This is great for establishing yourself as an authoritative voice on the topics. Regular postings keep the pages fresh and interesting.

Go Corporate

Corporate clients can help you boost income. Attract local business clients through corporate discounts or packages. Use networking opportunities to connect with decision-makers in the corporate world. Make an effort to attend appropriate events in your area.

Many companies are offering massage therapy as an incentive to their staff. This presents an awesome opportunity for ambitious therapists. Going corporate simply means taking advantage of the opportunities presented by companies that order therapy slots for many people.

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