How Much Impact Can Medical Massage Make on Patient's Overall Wellness

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bigstock--160243556.jpgFor some people, a massage session is a relaxing experience while others feel positively energized by the treatment. In either case, a properly performed medical massage can have a whole host of positive effects on the person's overall wellness. Here are just a few of the most notable ones:




Enhances Blood Flow

By physically stimulating blood flow through the muscle tissues a medical massage also facilitates blood flow in the circulatory system. The end result is significantly lowered blood pressure in the patient. In fact, a study printed in the journal, Biological Research for Nursing, found that a regular 10-minute session, 3 times per week, promoted a significant drop in blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

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Relieve Headaches

The root causes of headaches, migraines in particular, are poorly understood although many competing theories have been proposed. No matter the truth, one fact is indisputable. Massage therapy has both a short-term palliative effect and a long-term therapeutic effect on headaches of all types. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) notes that tension headaches, the most commonly encountered ones, are caused by a tightening of the muscles in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw. Proper massage can relieve this stress and alleviate the headache.   

Increases Flexibility

No one likes those little aches and pains that accompany vigorous exercise or simply living life. Deep massage therapy can help avoid them by loosening up muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as the connective tissue in between. The result is a greater range of motion in a patient's joints which is a serious benefit for everyone from athletes to senior citizens. Massage therapy also promotes the increased production and retention of the body's natural lubricants that keep the joints working properly and pain-free.

Reduce Back Pain

The back muscles are connected in one way or another to almost every other muscle group in the body. When they are strained or causing pain in some way, the effect is transmitted to other parts of the body. Properly performed massage therapy isolates the lower back muscles. The therapeutic effect will then significantly relieve pain in this and other parts of the body; ones as far removed as the feet and the head. As anyone with chronic back pain will tell you, it also makes waking up in the morning a whole lot more enjoyable.

Improve the State of Your Mind

As mentioned, a massage can relax or energize an individual. In either case, one's mood and general mental health will be improved with a medical massage. By simply concentrating on the physical sensations that go through the body during a therapy session, your mind can forget its troubles for a while. In addition, the subconscious can even go to work and produce a solution to a problem that your conscious mind had ignored. In any event, it is a win-win situation for both the body and mind of the patient.

There is quite a bit more to know about medical massage therapy. For further details on it and the benefits that it affords to patients of all ages or for more information on training necessary to become a medical massage therapist, please contact us at the Institute for Therapeutic Massage. Visit us online at or reach us directly at 973.839.6131  

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