Are Massage Therapists Currently in Demand?

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People seeking for a relaxed work environment and have a desire to help others, might want to consider a career in massage therapy. A massage therapist basically helps people to feel better. The opportunity of earning a living through assisting people lead a healthy and fulfilling life is something you do not get with many other professions. The job opportunities are numerous and more people are starting to make a career out of it.

Massage Therapy as a Career

Currently massage therapists are likely to join the profession as a second career. The industry is predominantly female who make up a staggering 86% of the total professionals. According to statistics, in 2015 21% of massage therapists were less than 35 years old. A typical massage therapist works an average of 20-25 hours rendering massage services excluding times spent on bookkeeping, marketing, and other business tasks.

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High Demand

Due to aging demographics and the medical benefits accrued from massage therapy, its demand has increased significantly. Statistics indicate that in 2015 for example massage, therapy was a $12 billion industry. About 39 million Americans had massage therapy at least once between July 2014 and July 2015.


The flexibility of massage therapy profession allows massage therapists to work in different work environments. While sole practitioners account for the majority of practicing therapists, they are able to work at least 60% part of their time at a client’s home or business. They can also work from their own homes, in a health care setting or in a spa setting. In addition, 48% of massage therapists indicated that they would like to offer more massage hours than what they currently offer.

Professional Credentials

For you to be a successful massage therapist, it is essential that you get proper education from an accredited school. Clients and potential employers check where you have received your education. Currently, there are close to 300 accredited massage therapy institutions and programs all over the United States. A typical massage therapy course includes 671 hours of initial training though most massage therapists undertake an average of 20 hours of continuing classes.

State Regulation

The attitude towards massage therapy has changed over the past few years. Most states including the District of Columbia provide certification to regulate massage therapists. Massage therapists must meet the legal requirements to practice massage therapy. This may include minimum initial hours of training and passing certified exams. This has led to growth and increased opportunities due to state recognition of massage therapists services and provision of better services.

Massage therapy is a good career choice for those seeking a career change to a rewarding job in the healthcare sector. As research indicates, 82% of massage therapists practice massage therapy as a second career. As the numbers of massage therapists continue to rise, the growing demand for these professionals shows no signs of dwindling anytime soon.

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